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我们的使命 Our Mission


Concept of Dialogue in the Dark is simple, In the exhibition the visitors embark on the journey through darkness escorted by a well trained guide exploring darkened galleries: eg. a public park, a bustling city street, a food market, a boat, a café, to name a few. Within this new paradigm, guides open the visitors’ eyes to experience a different world.


全力筹备东南亚 Dog for Sight 导盲犬培训学院宣传活动.

Dogs for sight is one of the project by SOS Missions Bhd, a non-profit organization) who provide eye health check for the community and the under privilege. for more info of SOS Missions Bhd you may go to it FB / saveonesight.

Guide dog is an important link to the blind and visually impaired, With guide dogs they can move around easily ,go to work, go to school independently.

This is one of the way, to let them regain the trust to live their life as a life to connect back to the society and community. This is very important to the blind and also the people who love them.




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