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Sister Mary’s love is Boundless, 300 stray dog ​​need all kind of helps


This stray dog ​​paradise is about an hour's drive from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur and is hidden in a very fresh private land. We found a super kind hearted lady Sister Mary, she has been taking care of more than 300 stray dogs of various breeds that she has personally brought back and taking good care to them for more than 10 years. She treats each dog as her own, each have their own name. Sister Mary also classified their living room and setting fixed areas of activity to avoid them fighting and cause injuries. Some sub-healthy need to have regular physical examinations and taking medicines. Besides, dogs suffering from cataracts and blindness caused by aging problem is one of the troubles that Mary is helpless. We adhere to our initial intention as corporate social charity mission, we promises to provide our pet’s anti-blind prevention consultation free to this stray dog ​​paradise every month. We expect to see many of them get prevention and recover from blindness. Let's work together to do something for the dog with Sister Mary.





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