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狗狗的白内障分先天性(遗传性)和后天性(老年性)两种, 一般六岁以上的狗狗多半是老年性白内障。
白内障分初发,未成熟,成熟,最后过熟的一个发展过程, 初发到未成熟的阶段,轻度视力损伤,并不影响日常生活,但是很明显的视力低下,经常撞到柱子和墙壁,一有声音就会受到惊吓。


最も自然なの 富士山氷川水+黑テクノロジー Japan Fujisan Mizu
増やすO² x 100回の黒化技術

Pets' cataracts are congenital (hereditary) and acquired (senile). Most dogs over the age of six are senile cataracts. Cataract is divided into initial, immature, mature, and finally a mature process of development, from the initial stage to the immature stage, mild visual impairment, does not affect daily life, but it is obvious that low vision, often hit the pillars and walls. They will be scared of voice and sound.

Better Pets eye care solution able to maintain the transparency and cleanness of the lens, prevent lens’ protein oxidized and degeneration, very encourage for cataract prevention in elderly pets and primary cataract.


Certificate of Analysis


Certificate of Analysis




The Japan's high technology ores energy chips is extract from volcanic mud below 3,000 meters in Japan. It was discovered by America NASA's Space Agency. It is contains both extremely high negative ions, and emits far-infrared rays of the same wavelength as the human body. The ores was formed hundreds of millions of years ago, from a seabed mud below 3000 meters, through crustal movement and volcanic eruption, extruded into a stone-like of 7.5 degrees.

Japan's high technology ores chip is the highest far-infrared ray and negative ion energy in the world. Its negative ion content (7600/CC) is 7 times higher than European and American hornblende and black slate, better than the tourmaline of Brazil. It is 40% higher than the Nanjing Medical Stone. What's even more amazing is that its wave energy is different from the energy of most of the ores on the earth. It rotates in the left-hand direction, in the same direction as the body's wave energy.


 The True Secret Of
Mountain FUJI Spring Water


It originates from one of the five longevity villages in the northeast of Mt. Fuji, 1000 meters above and 300 meters below the mountain between Lake Yamanaka and Kawaguchiko in the Yamanashi Prefecture. The glacier spring water flow between the ancient Mt Fuji and new Mt Fuji contains high vanadium element ions. Under the deep undulating waters of the Sagami River system.

Name: Fuji Mountain Natural Glacier Spring Water
Water source: Mt Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture
Contains: KITSUTA vanadium elements ion

After 400 years of rain and snow, the leaching and permeating through the volcanic eruption of Mt. Fuji over 250,000 years, the accumulation of nearly 7 meters thickness is formed as a basalt rock formation of the Basaruto rock, and the environment has not been destroyed and polluted. It is the only natural source of Mt. Fuji's natural source that is recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Japan's Preventive Medicine Administrative Review Council.


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